Thursday, May 19, 2011

Excuse me while I get out the boxes

So, last week, Blogger had a whole mess of problems that resulted in them rolling back all blogspot blogs to an earlier state. Long story short, I lost a post I was happy with and haven't posted in the last week in the hopes that they would be able to restore it.

No dice.

I've commented in all the help forums, filled out all their forms and have gotten zero response. So, I'm done waiting.

While I've been waiting for this situation to settle out, I've been checking out Wordpress. Quite frankly, I like their system for creating, editing, and managing a blog much more than what is available through Blogger. I've decided this whole fiasco gives me the perfect impetus to jump ship.

There will be about another week or so of low/no posting on the blog while I transfer everything over to a new home on Wordpress. I'd post the address here, but I'm currently considering purchasing a domain name just to make finding the blog all the easier, so I can't say for sure right now whether the new blog will be at or . Once I have everything set up and ready (next week sometime). I'll post the link in a new post.

See you then!

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